To give a beautiful look to your hands, you should pay attention to the nails and give them a smart look by making special nail art on them.

Let us show you some nail art in this article.

1. Nail Art-1

In this nail art, you can see that a different colour of nail paint has been applied to each nail. You can choose light and bubbly colours for this. This type of nail art will go well with any kind of outfit.

2. Nail Art-2

At least 10 nail paints will be required for this nail art and you should use 2 colours on one nail. You can give it even more beautiful by making similar flower art on it.

3. Nail Art-3

If your nails are big then you can also do abstract painting on them. For this take 4 to 5 nail paint and dip the thread in it and apply it on your nail.

4. Nail Art-4

You can use a toothbrush for this type of nail art. You will need 3 to 4 coloured nail paints for this.

5. Nail art-5

This is called cartoon nail art. If your art is good then you can make it with a thin brush with the help of nail paint.

6. Nail Art - 6

For this nail art, apply nail paint on the nails and dip the nails in the tiniest multi-colored beads. It will stick to your nail paint and your nails will look exactly like the nail art seen in the picture.

7. Nail Art - 7

The nail art shown in the picture is called Rainbow Nail Art. For this type of nail art, you will need 7 colours and you can decorate them on the nails in the style of the rainbow.

8. Nail art-8

You can make this type of nail art on your nails by using neon colours and making them beautiful.