Now steam iron is very much in trend to make clothes beautiful. Wrinkled shirts are also easily pressed with this press. But many people do not know the right way to use it.

Before using a steam iron, you should check the fabric or quality of the cloth. Now accordingly you should set the temperature of the iron. After setting the temperature, you have to wait for the press to heat up. After it gets hot, the iron far has to be started on the clothes.

While using iron, keep in mind that you spread the cloth on a strong surface only. After this, do not press with a straight cloth, but first spread a cotton cloth on the surface and place the ironed cloth on it. Ironing can damage your clothes.

Sometimes you have to press the button for steam ironing, and sometimes the steam comes out automatically. So, if you are pressing a wrinkled fabric, carefully switch to the steam option

Always use distilled water while steam ironing. It would be better if tank water is not used. There are many types of minerals in the tank water, due to which the clothes can get stained. Not only this, but steam holes can also get blocked by tank water.