Monsoon 2022 Car Care Tips: Monsoon season is near. Even before its arrival, it is raining in many parts of North India including Delhi. You should take special care of your car during the monsoon season. Many cases related to car accidents come out this season. In this rainy season, the chances of car accidents increase a lot. During this time the roads are filled with water. In such a situation, driving a car is not less than a challenge. Apart from this, many types of problems also start coming inside the car during the monsoon season. For this reason, you should take many precautions while driving a car. Your small carelessness can cause a big loss. In this episode, today we are going to tell you about those important things, which you should take special care of while taking care of your car during monsoon season.

Get the tires checked

Car tires are often the main cause of accidents. It is very difficult to drive a car with smooth tires in the rainy season. In such a situation, the chances of getting into an accident with the car greatly increase. Be it the monsoon season or summer, you should keep getting your tires checked regularly.

Brakes need to be strong

Strong brakes are very important for driving a car on wet roads. You must check your brakes before the monsoon season starts. If there is any defect in the brake, get it repaired as soon as possible.

Use good wipers

It is very important to have a clear vision of the front while driving the car in the rainy season. However, heavy rain showers spoil the vision in front. In such a situation, the wiper on the front mirror plays an important role. Before the monsoon season starts, make sure that the front wiper installed on your car is working properly.

If the front wiper is not working properly, then you should install a good quality wiper blade in your car. By doing this, you will get a very clear view of the front even in heavy rain. This also greatly reduces the chances of accidents.