Peace comes from the happiness of the mind, but many foreign scholars tried to achieve it through medicine. The question is, can peace and happiness be achieved through any medicine? We all want happiness in life. Our every action is usually done with the sole purpose of ultimately making us happy. Perhaps you and I understand the meaning of true happiness in this way. It is a normal thing to feel happy about something. But very few people know that inner happiness is more important for us and this inner happiness comes only when our mind is happy. The mind should be calm. To experience inner or true happiness, a balanced state of body, mind, and brain is required.

To experience this in today's stressful and hectic life is a difficult task, in search of which people are running in different directions. We can get happiness from any source, but true happiness lies within us only. Sadly, today some people, instead of finding it within themselves, are looking for it in external sources and are becoming dependent on medicines.

Even Aldous Leonard Huxley, a famous twentieth-century writer, was under the same illusion that “through the drug LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) you can achieve the spiritual experience that Gautam Buddha, Mahatma Kabir and Guru Nanak Dev had achieved.” He has even written in his book ‘Heaven and Hell’ that “In the future, the effect of medicines created artificially by science will be the same as the effect of Somras in the Vedas. All of us are familiar with the word somersault. According to Huxley, just as in ancient times a healthy, youthful body and happiness could be achieved through somersaults, in the future happiness will be achieved through LSD drugs.”

Now whether it was just his exaggeration or prediction is a matter of study and experience, because today thousands of youth are in jail due to drug abuse. True happiness, inner peace, and satisfaction, all are wonderful things, that cannot be achieved by any kind of artificiality. Spiritual thinker Acharya Rajneesh says, “I see this as a search beyond this ordinary world, which is being done in the wrong way because it takes people away from reality.

When the effect of the medicine wears off
After a few hours, when the effect of the medicines starts to wear off, they need to inject them again. In this way gradually people easily get trapped in the clutches of medicines. Also, every time they inject it, their dependence on the drug increases.

Therefore, to experience it, they need to keep increasing its quantity continuously.” The youth become so addicted to drugs that they are ready to go to jail for it. Osho says, “I see this as the directionlessness of the youth because there is no one to tell them that it is impossible to satisfy any of their desires by taking medicines. Satisfaction and appreciation can be found only through meditation, peace, and excellence of thoughts. This needs to be understood and explained to them.”

Love on mistakes and the need for older time
The youth need to be lovingly explained about their mistakes instead of being punished. Elders should take out time for them. Osho further says, “I have only one request to the youth that they should concentrate as much as possible. In the absence of meditation, the search for truth is just an illusion, a dream, and yet dreams are dreams. “Exploring a curiosity is a welcome initiative, but it needs to be given proper direction.”

Today everyone needs to know about themselves. There is a need to know one's real strengths and it is pleasant that people also want to know. If not today then tomorrow they will also be able to give the right direction to their children. Many people have got freedom from drug addiction through meditation. As he made meditation a part of his life, his drug addiction went away. Now he does not need any medicine, no punishment, no jail, just one right decision brought him out of this addiction. Your sense of existence can enrich you with love, peace, and the truth of your being, after which you will have no desire for anything else.

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