Do you know that some of your bad habits can cost you dearly? Yes, some wrong habits can have a bad effect on your sperm count. Due to excessive stress and the wrong lifestyle, your fertility can be affected. That's why some of your wrong habits should be left today.

Men who smoke more cigarettes also affect their sperm count. That's why leave this habit of cigarette smoking today.

Consumption of alcohol and tobacco can be harmful to men. Excessive consumption of alcohol affects testosterone. Because of this it also affects your sperm count.

Due to sleeping late at night, you have problems with stress and obesity. Because of this, the sperm count can decrease. That's why changed from the habit of sleeping late the night.

Due to not doing exercise, you may have to face the problem of obesity. At the same time, due to obesity, the mobility of your sperm slows down. That's why men must exercise daily.

Do you also get stressed now and then? So be careful because sperm count can also decrease due to stress in men. So try to be happy from today itself and stay away from stress.