'Devon Ke Dev Mahadev' actress Sonarika Bhadauria is getting married to her businessman boyfriend Vikas Parashar on 18 February 2024. After being in a relationship for almost 9 years, the actress decided to get married. She is very happy about this relationship, expressing in the media that she is very excited about the transition from girlfriend to wife.

There is no doubt that every girl dreams of marrying her boyfriend one day. The journey from girlfriend to wife is full of happiness and excitement for every girl. But there is another side to it which we forget. In such a situation, if you also find it easier to make your girlfriend your wife, then definitely think about these things once.

These things will change after changing from girlfriend to wife-
Arguing over small things

Most of the arguments that take place between girlfriend and boyfriend are such that they have no meaning. But if couples continue doing the same thing even after marriage, then the relationship starts deteriorating.

Will have to adjust to the family
Adjusting to your boyfriend's family is very important for your marriage. If you are thinking that after marriage your boyfriend will defend you in his family every time, then it is your mistake. You will have to adjust to many things yourself.

Living together can be boring
When we are away from someone, the dream of being with that person feels very good. But after staying, many things start changing. This can happen to you after marrying your boyfriend.

Priorities change
Before marriage, spending time with each other is the priority for the couple, but after marriage, needs take its place. Many times, even after living in the same house, couples are not able to create such movements which they could easily do if they lived as girlfriend and boyfriend.

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