Women apply makeup to enhance their beauty and attractiveness. Along with beautifying your skin, makeup also increases your confidence level. We can say that with the use of makeup, you can get the desired look. But where makeup can increase beauty manifold, on the other hand, it can also spoil the look. Many times when you do makeup by giving your full time and after that, your look comes out is not right, then you feel very disappointed. In such a situation, you should avoid making some mistakes during makeup. By making the mistakes mentioned here, your whole look can get spoiled. Let's know about these mistakes...

Don't apply the cream before the foundation
Many girls do not apply moisturizer before applying foundation, which not only harms the skin, but also the face does not get a flawless look. Face cream must be applied before foundation. Moisturizing cream not only helps in keeping the skin soft throughout the day and keeping the pores clean but also makes the foundation look flawless.

Not blending makeup properly
This is a mistake that many of us make. No matter how good and expensive brands of products you are using, if you do not blend them properly then you will never get a good look. Be it foundation or concealer, eyeshadow or blush, it is very important to blend everything well, otherwise, you may end up making fun of yourself.

Use more mascara
We use mascara to make our eyelashes look black, long, and thick, but do you know that excessive use of it causes wrinkles under the eyes? Because of this, you will start looking old before your age. Also, instead of looking natural, the eyelashes start looking fake. If you use too much mascara, then your eyelashes also start falling. In such a situation, try not to use mascara too much.

Low light makeup
Most women do makeup in the washroom or in front of a dressing table where there is no direct light source. While the basic of makeup is that you should be ready in front of such a light where your face is illuminated. So choose a mix of white and yellow light. These days makeup mirrors fitted with LED lights are also coming into the market. By doing makeup in good light, the correct color of makeup is visible.

Makeup on dry skin
Applying makeup on dry skin is one of the biggest makeup mistakes. This can make the face look dull, cracked, and tired. The most important thing in makeup is its base and a moisturized face is needed for the right base. That is why before applying makeup, make sure that your face is properly hydrated and moisturized.

How to apply eyeshadow
Eyeshadow works to make our eyes beautiful, but using it in the wrong way can also make you look old. You should keep in mind while applying it that you do not have to apply it on the entire eyelid. If you apply eyeshadow on the eyelid, then this method makes you look older. Also, try to use light-colored eyeshadow, and while using eyeshadow, keep in mind that apply only to the outer corners of the eye. This will enhance your look as well.

Lipstick on dry lips
Often women pay attention to the rest of the face while doing makeup, but when it comes to lips, they become a bit careless about it. Most women do not apply lip balm or lip cream before applying lipstick, due to which after a few hours their lips start drying and instead of smooth, lips start appearing chapped, which does not look good at all.

Makeup overdose
Just as it is said that too much of anything is never good, similarly too much makeup is never good. You can have a variety of makeup but it is not wise to use them all at once. Always highlight only one feature of your face. If you are doing bold makeup on the eyes, then keep the lips nude or subtle and if you are carrying bold lips, then keep the rest of the makeup very simple.