Makeup Brush Hygiene: A new study suggests that your makeup brush has more dirt than a toilet seat. So the next time you use makeup brushes, make sure they are well-cleaned.

Research has found that if we do not clean the brushes after applying makeup, then the amount of bacteria in them becomes very high. The amount of bacteria is as much or more than a toilet seat.

The study, conducted by cosmetic tool brand Spectrum Collection, found that no matter where you keep your makeup brushes if they're dirty, the number of bacteria they contain will surprise you. Researchers took swabs of clean and dirty makeup brushes for this research. These brushes were placed in a variety of storage, such as bedrooms, makeup bags, drawers and brush bags, and bathrooms.

When these makeup brush samples were compared with toilet seat samples, the number of bacteria was either normal or higher than the toilet seat. Clean makeup brushes had significantly fewer bacteria than dirty ones.

How do these bacteria affect you?
Cosmetics scientist Carly Misleh told Spectrum Collection that makeup brushes transfer bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil products from the face. However, not all types of bacteria are necessarily harmful. But if you use a dirty brush every day, it can cause acne or worsen the skin problem.

So what should be done in such a situation?
If you find it difficult to wash makeup brushes every day, experts recommend washing them at least once a week.

What should be done to keep makeup brushes clean?
The easiest way to clean makeup brushes is to use a mild liquid soap. Take 2-3 drops of soap and add some water to it. Now put it on the brush and wash it. Wash all the brushes one by one. Make sure not to get makeup on them. Wipe off with a clean towel and then leave to dry.
Wash makeup brushes at least once a week. However, wash eyeliner and foundation brushes after every use.

If you use a cream product, wash the brush after each use.

Always store them in a closed box, so that dust and dirt do not accumulate. Do not keep the brush in the open.

Apart from this, you can keep the clean brush in a clean zipper pouch. But don't keep it open in the drawer.