Mistakes During Eating Food: Eating food is very important for our body, but during this time we should take special care of many things, otherwise health may suffer.

Mistakes While Having Meal: Usually we do eat at least three times a day so that our health is better. Our body gets energy by eating food and it is necessary to do the same for the internal activities of the body. But during this most important work of the day, we make many such mistakes, which cause harm instead of profit. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner time should be fixed for us, if we make changes in it again and again, then trouble is bound to arise. Let us know which are those 4 mistakes that we should not do while eating food.

Avoid these mistakes while eating

1. Consumption of curd before meals

The effect of curd is cold, which is why it is considered helpful in digestion, but it should not be eaten before this meal i.e. on an empty stomach because it reduces the acidity of the stomach. Curd should always be eaten after meals, it increases the amount of protein and develops our muscles.

2. Eating rice for dinner

Rice is an important part of our daily diet, but it should not be eaten at night. Since rice is a rich source of carbohydrates, its digestion takes time. The high calories present in it can also cause weight gain.

3. Drinking very hot milk

Milk is considered a complete food as it contains almost every nutrient, but never too hot milk should be drunk as it causes problems in digestion. However, drinking lukewarm milk does not cause any problems.

4. Eating a banana on an empty stomach

There is no doubt that eating a banana is beneficial for our health, yet if it is not eaten at the right time, then it is sure to cause damage. Never eat this fruit on an empty stomach, it not only drains energy but can also cause problems like diarrhea and intestinal syndrome. Eat bananas only when your stomach is a little full.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, take medical advice. Kalamtimes does not confirm this.)