It is true that honesty is very important to spend life with someone. But this does not mean that one should always speak the truth. Sometimes, to strengthen a relationship, it is necessary to tell a little "white lie" to avoid hurting feelings.

But it is important to keep in mind that these lies should not be to hide any mistake, but to spread love and happiness. Even Oxford University psychologist Robin Dunbar found in a study that lies told to save feelings in a relationship actually make the relationship stronger . In such a situation, today we are telling you about some such lies which are very healthy for your relationship.

You are looking best

Everyone wants to look beautiful for their partner. In such a situation, to make your partner happy, always praise him, even if it is not true to a great extent.

you understand things very well

Even if you do not agree with everything your partner says, still praise his point of view whenever he is right. Sometimes agreeing with your partner and telling him he is right can strengthen your relationship.

i love you more

Never hesitate to say how much you love your partner. Hearing these words, your partner will always be close to you. After being in a relationship for years, partners often stop saying magic words to each other. But this one small word always works to keep the relationship strong, even if it is said as a lie.

Keep these things in mind

Use these lies only to spread love and happiness.

Do not use them to deceive or manipulate.

Honest and open communication is always the foundation of any relationship.