Our behavior and habits, even if unknowingly, can create a rift in relationships. Relationship Coach Marlena Tilhon (Marlena Tillhon) says, "In relationships, how we think? How we behave? How we understand each other? And how we express our emotions? All this can affect a healthy relationship. When the mind When the urge starts coming, many people remain confused whether they should end the relationship or continue it. In such a situation, they try to change their partner, try to change themselves, or compromise.

This is a confusing time, which often causes restlessness, anxiety and sleepless nights." In such a situation, it may be too hasty to take any decision immediately. Therefore, whenever you get stuck in such a situation, distance yourself from your partner for some time and then try to cool down. Take this decision wisely. Well, for now let us know about some such habits, which knowingly or unknowingly bring distance in relationships.

1. Different thinking: Sometimes we get into a relationship with a person whose thinking about relationships is completely different from ours. Things go well in the beginning, but eventually it can lead to conflict and separation. Therefore, it is important to have serious conversations in the initial stages of the relationship, so that it can be known how suitable both of you are for each other.

2. Boundaries not being clear: Many times even after getting into a new relationship, we remain in touch with our former partner. These blurred boundaries can affect the new relationship and get us into trouble. When choosing a new relationship, it is important that we strictly enforce the boundaries we made with our previous partner.

3. Keeping the relationship completely confidential: The relationship should definitely be kept secret, but it is not right to hide it completely. When we start hiding our partners, they start feeling that we do not give them any special importance. This can affect them emotionally. We should learn to give priority to our partner and relationship.

4. Feeling of insecurity: To remove your feeling of insecurity, it is wrong to expect your partner to behave carefully all the time. This creates tension in the relationship. We should become more emotionally aware and try to overcome our insecurities.

5. Trouble over small things: It is not right to make every small thing an issue and complain. We must understand which things to ignore and which to pay attention to. Some things should be solved at one's own level. If you still have regrets in your mind, then you should talk openly with your partner when the atmosphere is calm.

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