As soon as the summer season comes, lemon is used a lot in homes. Lemon juice proves to be excellent, whether it is used to make delicious drinks or add flavor to food or brighten up the house. Generally, after extracting lemon juice, people throw away the lemon peels thinking it is the best. But if you want, you can use lemon peels in many ways. In such a situation, today we have come up with ways to use lemon peels for you, by adopting which you can drive away ants from stains and spots in the house, so let us know (How to use Lemon Peels) how to use lemon peels.

Drives away ants
For this, you keep lemon peels in the place of ants. Then the ants will disappear in a short time due to the smell of oranges. In this way, you will get rid of ants with lemon peel.

Clean the stains
If there are stains in your cup, then to clean them, fill water in the cup and add lemon peels to it. Then after about 1 hour, you wash the cup with water. This removes the stains from the cup easily.

Shine microwave
For this, fill the water bowl and put lemon peels in it. Then you keep this bowl in the oven to get warm. Due to this, the steam coming out of the water will spread everywhere in the microwave. Then you can easily clean the oven with a clean cloth. This will make the oven shine.

Brighten skin
A bleaching agent is present in lemon peels. That's why lemon peel acts as a lightener on the skin. For this, rub lemon peels on your elbows and heels. With this, your dead skin will be easily removed, and your face will look very fresh.