PradoshVrat has special significance in Hinduism. This fast is mainly observed to please Lord Shiva. The worship and fasting of Lord Shiva have special significance among Hindus. PradoshVrat is mainly observed on TrayodashiTithi every month. It is said that the person who observes this fast with devotion and observes the fast, all his wishes are fulfilled.

There are 2 TrayodashiTithis in each month and 24 PradoshVrats are observed throughout the year. When this tithi falls on Monday then it is called Soma Pradosh, when this fast is on Saturday then it is called Shani Pradosh and when it is on Thursday then it is called Guru Pradosh. Let us know from the famous Pandit Shri Radhe Sharan Shastri Ji of Ayodhya, when will the first Pradosh fast be celebrated in December and what is its significance.

First Pradosh fasting date and auspicious time in December

  • On TrayodashiTithi, Lord Shiva is worshiped with full devotion along with Mother Parvati. In December, PradoshVrat will be observed on 2nd December, Thursday.
  • Trayodashi's date starts from 11.35 pm on 1st December, Wednesday.
  • TrayodashiTithi ends - December 2, Thursday till 8.26 pm
  • PradoshKaal is being received on 2nd December, so keeping Pradosh fast on this day will be beneficial.
  • This fast will be on Thursday, hence it is called Guru Pradosh.

Significance of Guru PradoshVrat in December

This time Margashirsha is facing a month or thrayodashi on the waning months of Aghn December 2, Thursday, hence the importance of this day Lord Shiva are devotees vow to delight and ritual worship of Lord Shiva - Worship. It is said that worshiping PradoshVrat during the Pradosh period is considered auspicious. As it falls on Thursday, this fast will be called Guru PradoshVrat and all the wishes are fulfilled by observing this fast. It is said that by observing this fast, children get happiness and the health of the children remains good.

Worship Method of PradoshVrat

  • Those who observe Pradosh fast should get up early in the morning.
  • First of all, get rid of baths, etc., wear clean clothes and clean the temple of the house.
  • Bath Lord Shiva and Shivling and make all the Gods wear clean clothes.
  • Worship Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati with reverence.
  • Observe the fast for the whole day and take fruits.
  • Worship Shiva during the Pradosh period and read the story of Pradosh fast.
  • Offer bhog to Shiva and offer bhog to everyone.

In this way, worshiping Shiva in any Pradosh fast and observing the fast fulfills all the wishes and also gets freedom from all the troubles.

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