How To Clean Non-Stick Pan Bottom: Utensils used daily in the kitchen need special cleaning, but if your utensils remain sticky and a thick black layer has accumulated on their bottom, then cleaning them is not an easy task. Would. Even after rubbing this thick layer, it does not get cleaned and gradually the utensil starts getting spoiled. In such a situation, here we are telling some simple steps, by adopting which you can easily make the bottom of the nonstick utensil as clean and shiny as new. This is a simple method.

How to clean the bottom of a nonstick pan
First of all, keep a saucepan or any kind of pan upside down on the table and sprinkle half a teaspoon of salt on it. Now sprinkle half a teaspoon of baking powder on it. With this, pour dishwasher liquid on salt and soda, and with the help of scotch bite, scrub it with a light hand and spread it well on the utensil.

Now take 5 to 6 table tissue papers and place them on the back side of the pan in such a way that it covers it well. Now put white vinegar on this tissue and leave the tissue wet. Leave it for 10 minutes and then remove it by wiping these tissues.

You will see that all the stains have disappeared and they have melted and stuck to the tissue. Now wash it with water and wipe it. Your utensils will shine like new. With the help of this trick, you can also clean the dirt accumulated on utensils ranging from iron to stainless steel.