Valentine's week ends on 14th February on the occasion of Valentine's Day. One day before this, i.e. the seventh day of the week, lovers celebrate Kiss Day. Kiss is that stage of blossoming of love which requires no words, only touch and feelings, to say it all. On the occasion of Kiss Day, a lover expresses his feelings to his partner through a kiss and expresses his love through touch. The greatest example of a kiss is the love between a mother and child. A small child can understand only by the touch and kiss of his mother that she is the giver of life.

Kissing not only enhances love and romance but is also very beneficial for health. On the occasion of Kiss Day, also know about the benefits of kissing.

Benefits of kissing
Immunity increases

Kissing strengthens the body's immunity. According to a study published in the Microbiome Journal in 2014, mouth-to-mouth kissing transfers the couple's saliva to each other. Saliva may contain small amounts of some new germs, on contact with which the immune system starts producing antibodies against it. The risk of getting sick from these germs can be reduced.

Stress reduction
Kissing can relieve stress and anxiety. Stress is caused by a hormone called cortisol. But when people kiss each other, hug, or express love, the level of cortisol in the brain starts decreasing. Due to kissing, oxytocin hormone is released in the brain which helps in reducing stress. If we understand in simple words, kissing freshens the mood. In such a situation, complaints of restlessness insomnia, and anxiety start reducing.

BP is reduced
If you suffer from high blood pressure, kissing can be an effective treatment to control BP. According to kissing expert and author Andrea Demirjian, when you kiss, your heart rate starts increasing. Due to this the blood vessels become widened. As a result, blood flow improves and blood pressure remains controlled.
reduces cholesterol
Kissing also causes a reduction in serum cholesterol levels in the body. Due to this one gets relief from the risk of heart disease and stroke. In such a situation, kissel can also be effective in reducing cholesterol.

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