If we look at the history of any province of the country, then in almost every province some or other famous and historical palace, building, palace or fort will be found. Be it the state of Rajasthan, Bihar, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh or Maharashtra. The palaces and forts built in ancient and medieval times in these cities are still famous as tourist destinations for millions of people.

There are many such palaces and forts in Orchha city of Madhya Pradesh, which is called the heart of India, where lakhs of domestic and foreign tourists come to visit.

  1. story of Jahangir Mahal located in Orchha is the centre of great curiosity for millions of tourists. In this article, we are going to tell you about the history of the Jahangir Mahal and some interesting facts related to it. Let's know.

History of Jahangir Mahal

The history of Jahangir Mahal is very interesting. It is said that this grand fort was built during the reign of Raja Veer Singh of Orchha. It is said about this medieval palace that when it was about to be built, its foundation stone was laid with a grand Yagya.

There is also a folk tale about the Jahangir Mahal that was constructed at a place where enemy soldiers could not reach easily. When this palace was built, the entrance was on the east side, but after a few years, its gate was shifted to the west. Many people also know it by the name of Jahangir Mahal with 52 buildings.

Interesting facts related to the fort

Just as the history of this palace is interesting, similarly some facts related to this palace are also very interesting. Yes, it is said about the palace that the Hindu king 'Raja Veer Singh' had built this palace for his special friend Jahangir.

According to another legend, it took about 22 years to build this palace and Jahangir stayed in this palace only for one night. That's why many people also know this palace by the name of Jahangir Mahal / Salim Mahal.

This palace is also considered a symbol of friendship (Hindu-Muslim) of both Veer Singh and Jahangir. Apart from this, many people also consider it as the symbol of Bundela and Mughal.

The architecture of Jahangir Palace

The architecture of Jahangir Mahal is also an interesting subject. Yes, it is said about this palace that it is a unique specimen of Bundela and Mughal craftsmanship. The construction of this palace is built on Ayatarkar platform.

Apart from this, it is said about the architecture of this palace that Jahangir Mahal is famous for its beautiful stairs and a huge gate. The architecture of Bundelas can be seen almost everywhere in the palace.

Places to visit around Jahangir palace

It is not that Orchha in Madhya Pradesh is famous only for the Jahangir Mahal. There are many other places, forts and palaces in this city that thousands of people reach to visit. One can visit the best places to visit here like Orchha Fort, Ram Raja Temple, Rajmahal, Chaturbhuj Temple, Betwa River and PhoolBagh. Let us tell you that Orchha is at a distance of about 334 km from Bhopal.

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