Often you must have seen that when a person is unwell or feels weak, doctors give him an IV drip. This must have happened with you or in your house at some point or the other. Medicine is put into the body through drip so that the person can recover quickly. That is, when a person's health is very bad then a drip is applied, but you will be surprised to know that nowadays people apply a special type of drip despite being healthy. It is very popular among celebrities. This is known as IV Drip Therapy and is being discussed a lot on social media. Let us know from health experts what is Ivy Drip Therapy and why is its use increasing rapidly.

What is an IV drip?

Experts say that this is a kind of wellness drip. Just like actors or actresses take treatment to take care of their beauty and skin, similarly, they give IV drips to boost their health. IV drip therapy uses a needle to deliver nutrients directly into your bloodstream through a vein. This method ensures that your body receives essential nutrients that are not adequately supplied naturally or through diet. May go. Dr. explains that the main vitamins in IV treatments include Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and Glutathione, which are used for skin whitening as well as to increase immunity. This is a new trend. Due to this especially celebrities have started adopting it.

Disadvantages of IV drip

The option of IV therapy is often preferred by individuals seeking quick results. While it is beneficial, it also has some disadvantages. This can sometimes result in complications such as blood clots, air embolism, vein irritation and swelling. Additionally, receiving excessive amounts of nutrients through an IV drip may increase the chance of side effects. Individuals with heart, kidney or blood pressure conditions may face risks.

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