New Delhi. Many Indian companies now send their promotional messages to users through WhatsApp. These are profiles created by companies under WhatsApp Business which connect with users as customers. But, due to this, the inboxes of the users seem to be very full and due to this they also get a lot of notifications. Additionally, the government is taking steps to enforce strict rules to combat spamming by companies.

Companies are increasingly turning to WhatsApp as a versatile platform for communication. Through this, companies send ticket confirmations, transaction updates and promotional campaigns to users. However, WhatsApp also gives options to users to control it. In such a situation, companies cannot chat with the users without their consent. However, many people are not aware of this. If you want to stop these messages in any chat, then we are going to tell you the method here.

How to stop unwanted messages from WhatsApp Business

When receiving a message from a business, users are offered three interaction options:

Block: This action adds the business to the blocked contact list. Once blocked, businesses cannot message the user directly.

Report: If users believe a business is violating the WhatsApp Business Messaging Policy, they have the option to report them.

Continue: Users can select this option to continue the conversation with the business.

Also, let us tell you that some businesses may also give you the option to select the option not to receive marketing messages within the chat interface itself. Users will get this option named ‘Opt out of marketing messages’ in the chat. By selecting this option, a notification will be sent to the business that you do not want to receive marketing messages and your name should be removed from the marketing distribution list. If this feature is not available, then let us tell you that in the chat settings, users also get the option of Block and Report later. After blocking, you will also not be able to send messages to the business.