Indian Railway Luggage Rules: Crores of people in the country travel by train every day. The joy of comfortable travel at low fares can be enjoyed only in Indian Railways. However, sometimes it happens that passengers forget their luggage on the train itself, or their luggage gets lost and then the luggage gets stolen.

If such an incident happens to a person then it is obvious that the person will be upset and worried. However, now you do not need to worry much, because you can get your lost, missing, and stolen items back. Let us know what you should do in this situation.

What to do if you leave your luggage?
If you have forgotten your luggage on the train and the train has left the station, then in this situation, you should immediately meet the railway officials present at that station and inform them about this incident. Apart from this, inform the Railway Police Force (RPF).

If necessary, file an FIR, after which RPF personnel will search for your luggage on the train that you forgot. If your item is found, the item will be returned to you. However, if the goods are very valuable then the railway officials keep that goods at the station only for 24 hours, after which the goods are sent to the zonal office of the Railways.

What to do if luggage is lost on the train?
It happens with many passengers that their luggage gets lost on the train. Railways run 'Mission Amanat' to recover lost luggage. In this, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) locates the lost luggage of railway passengers and uploads a photograph and details of the luggage on the website of Western Railway after which the passengers can identify their luggage and get it back.

To locate your lost items:
You can visit the Railway website - http://wr. Visit
After this, you click on the “Mission Amanat – RPF” tab.
RPF shares information as well as photos of lost items.
If you find your item on the website, you can get it back by providing proof of the item.

What to do if goods are stolen?
If your luggage gets stolen while traveling on a train, then you should first inform the train conductor, coach attendant, guard, or GRP escort.

After this, you will be given an FIR form which you have to fill out. After filling out the form, it is sent to the police department for necessary processing. The goods are returned to you upon receipt.

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