Just one plant of chili will suffice for your whole family. Not only for your family, you can also feed your neighbors as much chili as you want, so maybe you can believe this. You may be wondering if it is possible for one chili plant to produce enough chili for your family? So yes it can be possible. And that is made possible by 3G cutting.Yes, 3G cutting can also be done on chillies and it can increase chilli production 5 to 6 times.

10 - 15 days after planting, the plants are ready for 3G cutting. This method is more effective and more beneficial in Kunda. The first cutting of a chilli plant is called 1G cutting. When your chilli plant is about 5 to 6 inches tall, you have to cut the top one inch of the plant which is called the beginning link of 3G cutting.

7-8 days after the first cutting, you will see that your plant, which used to have one branch, will have a lot of branches. And the more branches there are on the plant, the more fruit flowers there will be on it. Now if the branch comes more on the plant then naturally it will need more nutrients. So now you have to apply any organic fertilizer like manure, vermi compost or compost once in every 15 to 20 days. If it is summer season, it is very important to retain moisture in it. Plants will not grow if you do not retain moisture. However, high humidity in chilli plants can cause disease. So take care of that too.

Now it's time for 2G cutting. We did 1G cutting 15 days after planting. Now one week after that i.e. 22 days after planting the other i.e. 2G cutting has to be done. So when your plant is 22 to 25 days old, you have to apply 2G cutting in it. The cutting method will be the same as before. You have to cut all the branches from the top. You will see a good branch on the plant and you will not want to break it, but you should not leave any branch. This is done 2G cutting. Then you need to maintain the plant. Fertilize it in 15 to 20 days.

Now after 35 to 40 days, if you see the plant, it will have grown a lot and will be ready to bear fruit. After 35 to 40 days the plant will be 25 percent grown. In the next few days it will get bigger and spread and from it you will be able to get 2 kg, 3 kg and 4 kg chillies. Almost you don't need 3G cutting. You can also cut a third time if needed.