Is the food you are eating full of nutrition? Is this food full of adulteration? This is because, in today's time, adulteration is seen in almost everything. Some people do such things for some money and do not even desist from playing with people's health. Therefore, it becomes important that you check things whether they are adulterated or not. Like flour. Adulterated flour is also being sold in the market, consumption of which can cause health problems. Therefore, if you are also bringing flour from the market, then by identifying it in some ways you can know whether it is genuine or adulterated. So let us know how you can check this. You can know about this in the next slides...

This is how you can identify:-
First way

If you want to identify adulterated flour, then take a glass and add water to it. Then add half a spoon of flour. After this, see if anything other than flour is floating in the water, that means this flour may be adulterated.

Second way
In this method, first of all, you have to take a test tube because with its help you will be able to identify adulterated flour. Now first of all you have to put hydrochloric acid and flour in the test tube…

After this, when both the things are in the test tube, shake them. After doing this, you come to know about adulteration and that is if the flour is not clean in appearance, then this flour may be adulterated.

Third way
The third method is very easy, in this you can identify loose or packet flour. You should sift through it. Whenever you take out flour, filter it through a sieve. This will show you the chalk powder etc. mixed in it.
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