When a boy and a girl get married, it is a very happy moment for them and both their families. At the same time, most of couples manage their relationship well, but fights, arguments, etc. are seen between many couples. In such a situation, it is seen that the wife takes recourse to the law after being harassed by her husband. Women have been given many such rights in the Constitution, through which they can go to the court and get justice from here. But in such a situation the question arises that what about the husbands? Don't they have any such legal rights? The answer is yes, husbands also have legal rights. So let us know what legal rights married men have. You can learn about this further...

It is usually seen that when there is a dispute between husband and wife, the wife takes the help of the law and files a case against her husband. This includes issues like dowry, assault, harassment, and many other issues.

At the same time, you may not know that married men also have the same legal rights as married women. In this, the husband can complain about his wife and if everything is found correct by the court, he can also be given justice.

What legal rights do married men have?
Complaint of mental harassment
Complaint against violence and harassment made by wife
Complaint of false dowry case
Complaints about abuse and threats
Complaint about living in parental home
Complaint on beating
Complaint about having an affair with someone else.

Know this also
If a husband seeks legal aid against his wife, he can also seek maintenance from his wife under the Hindu Marriage Act. However, this is possible only when the wife works. Apart from this, like the wife, the husband can also file a petition for divorce in the court. Also, the husband has the right over the property created by himself.

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