If we go back a few years, it is seen that for almost every work one had to go to the bank, but now the time has changed and most of the work is done through online banking only. Even you can withdraw money by going to an ATM whenever you want. All you need is a debit card for this. This saves a lot of time for people, but if you also go to withdraw money from ATM, then you should take care of some things especially. This is because a small mistake of yours can make you a victim of fraud. So whenever you go to the ATM, keep some things in mind that you can know about in the next slides. So let's know about this...

Pay special attention to these things:-
Number 1

At the place where you put the card in the ATM, keep in mind that if the cloning device is installed, do not withdraw money. ATM card is not working properly or there is any kind of extra sound or there is any activity around etc. So in such a situation immediately inform the bank and the police.

Number 2
Whenever you go to the ATM, someone may come to you and say you take cash from me and give me money online. Note that do not fall for such people at all, because these fraudsters can catch you with fake notes and you can be cheated. That's why you have gone to the ATM, then withdraw money from there.

Number 3
Many times it is seen that two-four people have gone inside the ATM together, and do not do this at all. Keep in mind that when you withdraw money, there should not be any unknown person inside. If someone tries to barge in or check your transaction, inform the guard on site, the bank, or the police.

Number 4
Whenever you go to withdraw money from an ATM, keep one thing in mind while entering your ATM PIN, cover the keypad with the help of the other hand. It will happen that no unknown person will be able to know your ATM PIN.

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