How to Preserve Sooji: Many recipes from breakfast to lunch, dinner, and even desserts can be prepared from semolina. Things like upma, uttapam, apple, semolina pudding, and kheer are liked by children to elders, due to which people take two-three packets of it at once in most houses. This is a profitable deal, but many times insects are found in semolina kept for a long time, the only option is to throw it away, so today how can we save semolina from insects and how to store it He is going to tell you the methods.

Mint leaves
Dry mint leaves can be kept in semolina to protect it from insects. Due to the smell of mint, insects do not get into semolina.

Keep semolina in the sun
If insects are found in semolina, then keep it in the sun for some time. Keep stirring it in between. This kills the insects present in it. Then filter it and keep it in another box.

Bay leaf
The use of bay leaves can also be effective in getting rid of insects. Put the bay leaves in the box along with the semolina. This is a cheap and effective solution.

Keep neem leaves in Semolina
To protect semolina from insects, put neem leaves in it. For this, wipe 10-12 neem leaves clean and put them in a box containing semolina. Do not wash neem leaves with water as this recipe will not work because of water. In half an hour, the worms attached to the semolina will come out, then filter it and use it.

Wonder of cardamom
To protect semolina from insects, first roast it a little and then let it cool down for a while. Before storing, put 8-10 cardamom in it and then keep it in an airtight container. Worms will not be there.
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