Everyone uses body lotion to take better care of the skin and prevent dryness. Do you also buy body lotion from the market? But even after spending so much money on body lotion, our skin does not remain completely soft and moisturized; it becomes dry after a while. In such a situation, now you will not have to waste money on buying lotion, because today we have come up with a method of making body lotion at home. With its help, you can prepare aromatic lotions.

Ingredients to make orange flavored body lotion

  • Orange essential oil - 10 drops
  • Cocoa butter - ½ cup
  • Virgin Coconut Oil - ½ cup
  • Almond oil - ¼ cup

About the Ingredients of body lotion

  • Orange essential oil is a natural cleanser that works to keep the skin pure.
  • Cocoa butter moisturizes and softens our skin.
  • Virgin coconut oil is very beneficial for keeping the skin soft and soft. It can retain the moisture of the skin so that the skin does not become dry for a long time.
  • Almond oil is beneficial for improving skin tone and can also cure sun damage.

How to make body lotion

  • First of all melt cocoa butter in virgin coconut oil and almond oil. Keep in mind that the batter of the mixture or lotion should be uniform. Mix the mixture well.
  • Now keeps the container containing this mixture in the freezer. Do not let it set completely, as the sweet orange essential oil is yet to be added. If the mixture hardens in the freezer, it will not mix properly with the rest of the ingredients.

  • When the mixture cools down and hardens, take it out of the freezer and add sweet orange essential oil to it. Blend the mixture in a blender and blend it till it becomes smooth and soft.
  • Your Homemade Orange Flavored Body Lotion is ready now pour it into a glass bottle or jar and apply it as a body lotion whenever your skin feels dry or itchy. If you want, you can apply it daily after taking a bath.

Note: Do not store the lotion in a hot place as virgin coconut oil melts at hot temperatures. Store it in the fridge to use it for a long time.

Image Credit: Freepik