Do you also find that the house gets dirtiest when spring comes or summer starts? Now in such a situation, you cannot deep clean the house again and again. Try to clean the dirty parts of the house a little bit every day.

This will prevent your house from looking dilapidated and dirty.

1. Clean the doormats

Doormats placed near doors always get dirty very quickly. When you sweep, sweep them every day and then apply them to the doors.

Also, wash all your doormats at least once a week. Whatever mud, dust and dirt may have stuck to it, it will be cleaned by washing.

2. Clean the windows

We dusted everywhere and forgot the windows, so the mess will remain. While dusting, take care of the window panes and clean them thoroughly with a microfibre cloth. The dust accumulated in it also makes the house look dirty.

3. Clean the glass daily

Have large glass mirrors or small ones in the bathroom, living area or bedroom. The dust in these spoils the look of the house. Wipe down mirrors in your home and then wipe them clean with a clean cloth or newspaper. If the glass of the house shines, then the reflection of natural light will make the house more beautiful.

4. Vacuum soft furniture

Pull furniture away from the walls and vacuum behind and under it. Using your machine's upholstery tool, clean both sides of the cushions and also under them. Clean with the Crevice Tool to remove dirt from trim and stitching.

5. Clean granite slabs

To maintain the shine of the granite stone on the kitchen slab, polish it. Clean your counters daily, so that dirt doesn't build up on them. Some formulas are also available to clean it, which removes grease from the stone.

6. Remove kitchen sink odor

What to do if the kitchen smells bad? Add a few pieces of lemon peel to your garbage disposal. Empty your dustbin daily and use it only after washing and drying it daily. After washing the dishes, clean the kitchen sink with a steel scrub. If food goes in the sink, clean it by adding baking soda and lemon juice.

7. Clean dirty walls

Wipe away dirt and stains from your walls with a damp microfiber cloth or a clean, damp microfiber cloth. Instead of moving from bottom to top, clean it by bringing it from top to bottom.

8. Keep the fridge organized

Do you fill the fridge with vegetables and other things just like that? Due to this, there is no space in the fridge and it looks scattered. Organize your fridge by cleaning it thoroughly once a week. Keep milk and eggs in separate trays. Separate the vegetables in the bottom basket and put the leftover food in order

Not everyone can take care of these basic things and then we are worried that the house looks dirty and spread. Clean your house in the same way and then see that it will not look as scattered as before.