Now only a few days are left for Holi. This time the festival of Holi will be celebrated with enthusiasm across the country on 25th March. Before Holi, many of us make Gujhiya in our homes. However, to make Gujhiya we have to buy many important ingredients. The most important ingredient in it is mawa. If you are also going to buy mawa from the market to make Gujhiya before Holi. In such a situation, you must know about some things. For your information, let us tell you that these days adulterated mawa or rather khoya is being sold very fast in the market. Complaints regarding this keep coming up from time to time. If you consume adulterated mawa sold in the market. In such a situation, it can have a bad effect on your health.

In this series, through this news, we are going to tell you about those special methods, with the help of which you can identify genuine and adulterated khoya sold in the market.

You can find out the adulteration done by looking at the color of khoya. Let us tell you that real khoya is dark brown. Whereas the color of adulterated khoya appears white or light yellow.

You can also identify adulterated khoya by smelling it. Real khoya has a sweet smell of milk. The one which is adulterated or fake is lost. It is largely smell-free.

You can find out about the adulteration done in khoya with the help of iodine tincture. In this process, you will have to make a khoya cake and put two drops of iodine tincture on it. After 5 minutes of doing this, if the color of khoya turns black. In such a situation, adulteration has been done in it. Whereas the color of the tincture remains saffron. In this case, your khoya is pure.