It is said that if the beginning of the day is good then your whole day is full of energy. The most important thing for a good start is good and nutritious food. Most of us wake up in the morning and drink a cup of tea or coffee. Have breakfast only after this. Some people have breakfast straight after waking up. This method may be right as per your comfort but it is not at all right from the point of view of health. According to experts, you should start your day on a healthy note. Let us know about this from health expert LavneetBatra.

Health expert LavneetBatra has shared information related to this on her Instagram account. According to him, there are some things which if consumed before breakfast or tea in the morning, are very good for health.

Eat these 3 foods before breakfast in the morning

Fruit first- According to experts, fruits should be eaten early in the morning. A piece of nutritious fruit like a banana or apple provides natural sugar, which boosts your metabolism without any stress. If you are on a weight loss journey, then eating fruits can prove to be even more beneficial for you.

Nuts- Eating nuts can also prove to be very beneficial. A handful of nuts provide healthy fats and protein, which help balance the stimulating effects of caffeine. Apart from this, its consumption benefits your heart and mental health.

Yoghurt or curd- Make curd also a part of your diet. It not only gives you protein but the probiotics present in it also promote intestinal health. This keeps your digestion healthy. There are no problems like gas and constipation.

Experts say that if you consume these things before tea or coffee on an empty stomach, it can help reduce the harsh effects of caffeine.

image credit-Freepik