You too must have heard that friend; I have got an acidity problem. Acidity occurs when acid builds up in the body. Due to this pain starts in the stomach and chest.

Do you know which foods increase this problem? You should not consume certain things during acidity. Let's know about this in detail.

1. Tomato

Tomatoes are used from vegetables to salads. It enhances the taste of food, but do you know that in case of acidity, this vegetable can make the condition serious? Tomatoes contain citric and malic acid. If you have acidity problems then do not consume tomatoes. Both these acids can increase the problem of gas.

2. Jam-jelly

Do you eat bread with jam on it? Most people like to eat bread and jam for breakfast. If you have an acidity problem, keep away from things like peanut butter and jelly. Instead, you should consume buttermilk and cumin water.

3. Spicy food

Do you also like spicy food? That's why you put chilli separately in food? Do you know how harmful spicy food is to health? Stay away from spicy food especially if you have an acidity problem. This is because there is a burning sensation in the stomach and chest during acidity. In such a situation, eating spicy food can increase this problem. That's why eat simple food during this time.

4. Coffee

Do you start your morning with coffee? Most people like to drink coffee. So whether it is winter or summer, no is said for coffee, but you should know when to consume coffee. If you are suffering from an acidity problem then you should not drink coffee. Drink green tea instead.

5. Soda and carbonate

Do you also not eat pizza and sandwiches without cold drinks? You love to drink cold drinks. Soda and carbonated drinks are not good for health at all. Soda and carbonated drinks should not be consumed with acidity. During carbonation, the bubbles expand inside the stomach, which puts pressure on your LES muscle.

6. High-fat foods

Avoid high-fat foods like french fries, deep-fried onion rings, potato chips, sour cream, creamy salad dressings and dips.

7. Fruits and vegetables

If you are having acidity then you should not consume certain fruits and vegetables. Pineapple and citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit, lemon, tomato, onion and garlic are included.

8. Chocolate

Do you also like to eat chocolate? That's why most chocolate is in your fridge. Chocolate is helpful with some problems, but when it comes to acidity then you should not eat chocolate. During this time chocolate is harmful to health.

Image Credit: freepik