Bones become weak in old age. In such a situation, joint pain is a common thing, but in today's time, this problem also happens with young men. When the cold settles in the bones, joint pain increases. A healthy balanced diet along with exercise helps you build healthy bones from an early age and maintain them throughout your life.

You need adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D to keep your bones healthy. If the bones become too weak, then in such a situation there can be a serious problem like osteoporosis. Not only this, if the bones become weak then the risk of breaking them in an injury also increases.

A good diet is one of the building blocks for healthy bones. Well-known health coach Dr Anjali Mukherjee also says the same thing. She said in herInsta post, 'A balanced, nutrient-rich diet rich in calcium, zinc, vitamin-D, vitamin-K and vitamin-C (helps in collagen formation) can help in healing during fractures. The process can be expedited.

She further gives a list of foods that must be consumed for strong bones. Come, in this article, you and we know about such foods which Dr Anjali advises us to eat.

Include green vegetables

Leafy green vegetables, called cruciferous veggies, provide many nutrients. It supports bone health. According to a study by Oregon State University, vitamin K and calcium are important nutrients that play a role in strengthening bone health. Green vegetables contain a good amount of Vitamin K and it works with calcium to help build healthy bones.

Use pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of magnesium and zinc. Magnesium also plays an important role in bone density, and increasing your magnesium intake may help your bones become stronger. Increasing your dietary intake of zinc may boost your immunity and help with wound healing. According to the American Heart Association, you should consume one-fourth cup (30 grams) of pumpkin seeds each day as part of a healthy diet.

Eat fatty fish

Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and rainbow trout provide vitamin D. Vitamin D is fat-soluble and plays an important role in bone growth and remodelling. Omega-3 fatty acids also play an important role in your bone health and may even help protect you from osteoporosis.

Include sesame in the diet

Sesame seeds are loaded with copper, magnesium, calcium, healthy omega-3 fats and high protein content, which can be beneficial for people suffering from bone-related problems. Sesame seeds are also known to prevent and cure osteoporosis which is a condition of bone deterioration. Even if you consume about 100 mg of sesame seeds throughout the day, it can meet your daily requirement of calcium intake. Thus, take these healthy sesame seeds in some form or the other daily.

Apart from this, DrAnjil advises taking flax seeds, soybeans, walnuts, etc. Also, if you consume excessive smoking, alcohol and red meat, then you should avoid it so that your body can recover well.

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