To stay healthy, it is advised to take a healthy diet. Generally, people protect themselves from many diseases by consuming a balanced diet and at the same time maintaining their weight. At the same time, it is advised to consume more and more fruits and vegetables to lose weight. There is no doubt that fruits are full of taste and many types of vitamins and minerals are found in them including fibre, which helps in weight loss.

Many people like to consume more and more fruits when they are on a low-calorie diet. But if you are not losing weight even after eating fruits, then it may be that you are consuming them in the wrong way. So, today in this article, Dietician RituPuri of ESIC Hospital, Central Government Hospital is telling you in what ways you should not consume fruits-

Peel off fruit

Many people have the habit of eating fruits by removing their peels. Orange, tangerine or banana are some such fruits, which need to be peeled. However, if you are consuming fruits like apples, and pear then there is no need to peel them. It is considered good to eat such fruits with peels. From the fibre present in them, many other nutrients are mostly in their peels only. In such a situation, by peeling them, you throw out many nutrients and this does not help you in weight loss.

Drinking fruit juice instead of eating it

Some people like to drink their juice more than to eat fruit. Maybe you do the same, but it makes it very difficult for you to lose weight. First of all, when you drink juice, you only consume a glass of it. This increases your sugar and calorie content. Also, while juicing, all its fibre is taken out in the form of pulp. Due to this, you feel hungry again shortly after drinking the juice and you start overeating again. So if you are on a weight loss diet, instead of drinking fruit juice, tries eating it whole.

Consuming packaged juices

In today's instant era, people bring packaged juices available in the market and consume them. They think that it is good for their health and it will reduce their weight. However, it is not like that. Not only are packaged juices high in sugar, but they also contain very little fibre. Also, they are full of preservatives. Due to this, your weight starts increasing instead of decreasing.

Switching main meals with fruits

Many times in the process of taking a low-calorie diet, they switch their main meal to fruits. He consumes only fruits for breakfast or dinner. However, it is not considered right for weight loss. By doing this, your body becomes deficient in many other important nutrients including protein. All these nutrients not only help your body function better but also make the weight loss process more effective.

Eating canned fruits

Many times people also think that canned fruits are healthy for health and they can help reduce weight. If you also think so, then you are in a delusion. These canned fruits are dipped in sugar syrup, which increases their calorie count significantly. Plus, they don't even contain those nutrients. You might be surprised to know, but these canned fruits increase weight instead of reducing it.

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