Health Tips: There are many spices in Indian kitchen which not only double the taste of food but also help in keeping the body fit. One such spice is bay leaf. Bay leaf is an aromatic and tasty spice which enhances the taste of food or any vegetable. Pulao, biryani, vegetable and non-veg seem incomplete without bay leaves. Many nutrients including antioxidants, minerals, fiber are found in abundance in it. Let us know the benefits of eating bay leaves.


Bay leaf is very helpful in controlling sugar level. Bay leaves contain many antioxidants which help in maintaining the sugar level in the blood.

Kidney stone

Many such nutrients and antioxidants are found in bay leaves which prevent the formation of kidney stones. People who have problem of kidney stones should consume bay leaves.

Immunity strong

Consumption of bay leaves increases immunity. To get rid of diseases like cold, cough and fever, add bay leaves to your food. This will strengthen your immunity and you will not fall ill frequently.

Digestive System

Bay leaf is very beneficial for keeping digestion and digestive system strong. It contains abundant amount of fiber which helps in keeping away from problems like constipation, bloating, stomach ache.

Good sleep

Drinking bay leaf tea helps in better sleep and helps in relieving stress. Its consumption keeps the central nervous system healthy.

healthy heart

Bay leaf is very helpful in keeping the heart healthy. Compounds called rutin and caffeic are found in it which help in eliminating heart related diseases. Include bay leaves in your diet, this will keep the heart healthy and strong.

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