Yoga is considered very important for a healthy life, which is being adopted for thousands of years. Yoga has been practised as a spiritual, mental and physical discipline. Yoga is considered essential for peace of mind and better health. Yogasanas combine body postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health. Yoga is seen as the art of living a healthy life. A healthy body can be achieved by including yoga in daily life. Today in this episode we are going to tell you how the body can be kept healthy with the help of yoga. Let's know about them...

Mind will be calm
Yoga is a good muscle exercise, but medical research has proved that yoga is a boon physically and mentally. Yoga relieves stress and leads to good sleep, and a good appetite, and not only this, but digestion also remains correct.

Protect against diseases
Yoga is very beneficial for the body. By doing yoga regularly, diseases do not wander around. A person who does yoga always remains healthy. Yoga practice helps in getting rid of diseases. Yoga helps protect us from serious to serious diseases. Not only this, but if a person is suffering from a serious illness, yoga gives him the power to fight that too.

Improve flexibility
One of the main benefits of doing yoga is good flexibility. It is difficult to touch the toes but still, you can think of doing Chakrasana. By doing this regularly, you will feel that the flexibility of your muscles is now getting better. Because of this, you can achieve impossible-looking asanas. Yoga builds functional strength by strengthening the muscles that support the body's weight. It's also great for strengthening your core, which improves both your athletic and everyday performance.

Stay energetic and fresh
It is very beneficial to do it every morning in morning. Doing yoga in the morning can keep you energetic throughout the day. It also helps in keeping you fresh by removing laziness from the body. A person doing yoga remains physically active, remains stressed free and always looks happy. Yoga takes a person closer to nature.