Vitamins For Women: Women should always be cautious about their health, because often some vitamins are deficient in their body, due to which they may have to suffer.

Healthy Nutrients For Women: In the present era, every woman wants that her body should be healthy and there should be no reduction in beauty. For this, it is necessary to nourish them internally. Those women who are eating fast, junk, or oily food, are harming themselves somewhere. That's why you need to know which nutrients are essential for health. Ayushi Yadav, a famous dietician working at GIMS Hospital in Greater Noida, told me which nutrients should be included in the daily diet for women to look healthy and beautiful.

Vitamin A

When women reach the age of 40 to 45, they have to go through menopause and hormonal changes, in which there are many changes in their skin and body. For this, they need to consume more and more vitamin A. You can make things like papaya, pumpkin, carrot, and spinach a part of your daily diet for this nutrient water.

Vitamin B9

Many types of changes come in the body of women who are going through pregnancy, in such a situation they need vitamin B-9 which is also known as folic acid. Due to this, the problems of birth defects do not appear in the child. You can meet the needs of vitamin B9 by eating whole grains, yeast, and beans.

Vitamin D

With increasing age, women start having problems related to bones. For this, their body needs calcium as well as vitamin D. Vitamin D can usually be obtained through sunlight, but can also be found by eating things like soy products, butter, fatty fish, eggs, mushrooms, milk, cheese, and oatmeal.

Vitamin E

Every woman wants to always look beautiful, and for this, the body needs vitamin E in abundance. Through this nutrient, the beauty of your hair, skin, face, and nails gets enhanced and it becomes easy to remove problems like spots and wrinkles. For this, you can eat things like spinach, almonds, and peanut butter.

Vitamin K

Women have to face bleeding during periods and a lot of blood flows during childbirth. Vitamin K is needed to reduce such a problem. That's why to include green vegetables and soybean oil in your diet.

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