Payal Nikumbh, formerly known as Yogesh, is a transgender woman who has undergone glottoplasty surgery to change her voice. This surgery was done a year ago and now many people like his voice. Payal Nikumbh used to be transgender 7 years ago and was then known by the name Yogesh. Despite the sexual regimen, his voice still had a male tone. Payal has undergone vocal surgery to improve her voice, after which she can now speak completely in a woman's voice.

Have faced many problems regarding voice

In an article published in Times of India, Payal says that she has had to face a lot of problems regarding her voice. Earlier, when she would go on a date with someone, people would praise her beauty, but as soon as she spoke, people would ask her if she was transgender. Usually, the conversation ended with this question. But now that he has undergone vocal surgery, people praise his voice. Payal says that now she is enjoying her voice.

What is glottoplasty?

Nowadays, getting voice surgery done has become much easier than before. Now it has become very easy for those who want to change their male tone voice to a female tone. For this, he will have to undergo a vocal operation which is called glottoplasty. Many people may get scared just by hearing the name of the operation but the special thing about this operation is that it is done with the help of a camera with a flexible tube without making any cut.

otoplasty some special point

Glottoplasty is an endoscopic surgery in which no cut is made on the throat. This is done with the help of light anesthesia. In this operation, the length of the vocal fold is shortened by 50%, due to which the pitch of the voice increases and it becomes like a woman's voice. Speaking is not allowed for two weeks after the operation. Usually, the voice is completely changed after 6-8 weeks of operation. This surgery can be a boon for those transgender women who want to change their voices.

Payal says that this surgery has brought a big change in her life. Now they feel confident and can talk openly about their identity.

Photo Credits: Google