Health Tips: Many types of problems start happening in the summer season. In such a situation, there are many such home remedies to deal with the heat which can help you. Today we are going to talk about coriander. It is a type of spice which is found in the kitchen of every household. Many nutrients are found in coriander, which can give you relief from all the troubles of summer.

Coriander tempering not only increases the taste of food but also maintains good health. Properties like vitamins A, C, E and K are found in it. Also, coriander is a good source of iron, protein, fiber and calcium. Let us tell you that coriander has a cooling effect, so you can easily consume it even in summer.

You can take coriander in powder form. Apart from this, drinking coriander water is also very beneficial in summer. Today we are going to tell you about the benefits of coriander.

Get rid of boils and pimples Health Tips
Summer brings with it many skin problems. In this season, most people start having skin-related problems. Many people get problems like boils, red rashes and itching due to heat. If something like this is happening to you too, then consume coriander water from today itself. This gives a lot of relief and boils also disappear.

Give relief from heartburn
The problem of stomach irritation is common in the summer season. Sometimes this problem increases so much that it becomes difficult to eat or drink anything. If you also have this problem, then take coriander water daily, it gives instant relief from stomach irritation. Actually, when we eat spicy food in summer, then the problem of burning starts. In this situation, drinking coriander water gives coolness to the stomach.

Remove mouth ulcers Health Tips
The problem of blisters in the mouth is a common thing, but in the summer season, blisters start to increase a bit. If you are also troubled by this, then consume coriander water regularly. Coriander water will give coolness to the mouth. Along with this, a bacterial infection also goes away.