Diabetes is a very complicated disease, and the person who lives with it prays that his enemies also do not face such problems. Not only in India, but a large number of people all over the world are also victims of this disease and every year the number of patients is increasing. This disease breaks the body from the inside because it has a very bad effect on many organs.

Why does diabetes happen?
Although diabetes can also happen due to genetic reasons, in most cases it happens because of our messy lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. You must have often noticed that someone who has diabetes, and many other diseases also slowly start taking over.

Diabetes patients have to take special care of their food habits and lifestyle, otherwise, their health can deteriorate anytime. It is most important that the blood sugar level should be kept under control, so that unnecessary danger does not arise. For this, glucose tests should be done daily with the help of a glucometer.

Diabetes affects these organs
1. Heart attack

Diabetes patients often start getting heart disease. Many patients with diabetes become victims of heart attacks, due to which life can also be lost. That's why to control cholesterol levels.

2. Kidney
If the blood sugar level becomes too high, then there is a bad effect on the kidney, due to which the small arteries of the kidney start getting damaged, which increases the risk of kidney failure.

3. Eye
Eye problems are also very much noticed in diabetic patients. For anyone who has had this disease for a long time, eyesight also starts getting weak, so regular eye test is necessary.