Constipation Home Remedies: Problems of indigestion and constipation become common during the winter season. Due to less physical activity in the cold, the metabolic rate of the body drops rapidly. Because of this, there is difficulty in digesting food. If the problem of indigestion persists for a long time, then it takes the form of constipation and if the treatment of constipation is not done at the right time, then it causes a dangerous disease like piles. To get rid of the problem of indigestion and constipation, health experts have suggested some cheap home remedies, which will remove your stomach-related problems.

Do this easy work in winter
1. Doctors advise everyone to drink hot water during the winter season. Let us tell you that this hot water not only protects you from cold and cough but also keeps you away from the risk of constipation. Waking up every morning and drinking two glasses of hot water, the problem of constipation vanishes.

2. People consume different types of dry fruits in winter. Let us tell you that raisins which look like raisins can relieve you from constipation. A lot of fibre is found in it, which works to remove the problems related to the stomach. Soaking raisins and eating them proves even more beneficial.

3. Fennel is also a good option to remove the problem of indigestion. Explain that by eating fennel, gastric enzymes start increasing in the digestive system. You can also consume its powder. Milk and ghee also show effects on stomach problems and their consumption reduces the risk of constipation.