Turmeric Side Effects: Turmeric is an important part of our kitchen. This is a spice that is not only used to enhance the taste of food but is also used in many beauty products. Many types of nutrients are found in turmeric which are beneficial for our health, these include calories, fat, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, iron, and thiamine. Despite this, it should be consumed in limit otherwise it may have adverse effects. Ayushi Yadav, former dietitian of GIMS Hospital, Greater Noida, said that if a person consumes excessive turmeric then what consequences he may have to face.

Disadvantages of eating too much turmeric

1. Stomach problems:

Excessive consumption of turmeric can cause stomach irritation, indigestion, and pain. Especially those people who are already suffering from stomach problems, they should be especially careful while consuming turmeric.

2. Bleeding Disorder:

Turmeric can increase blood flow and this can be a danger to patients with bleeding disorders. If you have blood clotting problems, avoid consuming turmeric in excess. Otherwise, the loss is certain.

3. Itching and rashes

: Turmeric is considered beneficial for the skin, but excessive consumption can be dangerous for the skin its excessive intake has a bad effect on the blood cells, which can cause itching and rashes.

4. Allergy:

Some people may be allergic to turmeric, and excessive consumption of it may increase allergic reactions in them. Such people should take expert advice before using turmeric.

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