Reason for Medicine Colour: Whenever you have fallen ill, you must have seen that the doctor often gives medicines of different colors. Do these colors of medicines have any relation with the disease or are they colored only to make the medicines interesting? Many such questions would often wander in your mind, but you would not get the answer. Today we are going to reveal to you such a mystery related to the color of medicines.

Medicines made from herbs

According to the report, when human life was developing, he also discovered many types of herbs and medicines (Reason for Medicine Color). At that time those medicines were not in the form of tablets and capsules but in the form of plants. Later, after extracting the juice of those plants, they were converted into powder, and pills were made. It is believed that medicines were first used in the form of pills during the Egyptian civilization. At that time those medicines were made by mixing them in clay or bread.

Colorful capsules started being prepared this year

After the Industrial Revolution started in Europe, around 1960, medicines started being prepared in white pills (Reason for Medicine Colour). Later, with the development of high technology, changes were also made in the manufacture of medicines. Around the year 1975, colorful capsules started being prepared. Also, different colors were added to the color of the medicines. Now if you look at the medical store, you can see medicines being sold in different colors.

Why are colorful medicines made?

According to the report, now more than 75000 color combinations (Reason for Medicine Color) are used to make capsules of medicines. At the same time, different colors are also used for the coating of the tablet. Now it comes to the question of why these medicines are made colorful. This is done because those who are unable to differentiate by reading the names of the medicines can easily differentiate between the medicines by looking at their color. Because of this, it becomes easier for them to identify the right medicine.

Medicines are also related to diseases

In research done in the US, it has been found that the color of medicines (Reason for Medicine Color) has some connection with diseases as well. For diseases in which less effective medicines have to be given, their color is kept light. On the other hand, the color of the heavy dose made for immediate effect is kept thick. Not only this but the color of medicines is also decided based on smell and taste. So now you must have understood why the colors of medicines are kept different.

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