It is very important to take care of your health during the winter season. If you do not take care of yourself during the changing weather, the risk of falling ill increases significantly. Amla is very beneficial for health. This will provide many benefits to health.


If you eat Amla daily, you get many benefits in the body. Immunity gets weak quickly in winters, to strengthen it you should eat Amla.

Store of nutrition

By eating it, one can get relief from many problems, it is rich in nutrition. A lot of Vitamin C is found in it.

Cold and cough

Magnesium, iron, carbohydrates, potassium, calcium and vitamin A are found in good quantities in it. It is very beneficial in cold and cough.


If you have digestive problems, then you should consume Amla daily to avoid this problem.

Eyes and skin

Consuming Amla daily is very beneficial for eyes and skin. You can also drink Amla juice. The skin often becomes dry during the season, it also cures this.

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