Green Tea Benefits: Drinking green tea is considered good for health, but if some other healthy things are added to it, then health can be greatly benefited.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea: There is no doubt that drinking green tea is more beneficial for health than tea made from milk, sugar, and tea leaves. Most health experts recommend drinking this herbal tea to reduce weight and remove many problems, but do you know that if some special things are added to green tea, its properties increase a lot? Today we are mentioning those 4 things that mixing with green tea can have health benefits.

Mixing these things in green tea is beneficial

1. Ginger

It is such a spice, the use of which increases the taste of food, but do you know that if it is mixed with green tea, it can benefit health in many ways? With its help, not only does immunity increase, but it also prevents dangerous and deadly diseases like cancer.

2. Mint Leaves and Cinnamon

Some people mix mint leaves and cinnamon in green tea, this boosts the immunity of the body and also improves digestion. Since there is no hunger for a long time after consuming it, weight also starts reducing.

3. Lemon

If lemon is mixed with green tea, its bitter taste is slightly reduced and it also helps in increasing antioxidants which ultimately benefits our body. If you want more effect then mix lemon juice in the end.

4. Stevia leaves

Stevia is a safe sweetener and it can bring sweetness to green tea without causing any harm. If you consume it regularly then not only the calories will be less but also the blood sugar level will be reduced. Often diabetic patients are advised to drink green tea in this way.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general knowledge. Must take medical advice before adopting it. Kalamtimes does not confirm it.)