Half of the diseases are reduced by bathing. Bathing removes half of the fatigue from the body, but let us tell you that there are some mistakes which cause aging on your face. Some mistakes after bathing spoil your beauty, so never make these mistakes.

Make up

Bathing makes the body lighter and many diseases are also cured by it. You should not apply makeup immediately after bathing.


Whenever you come after bathing, you should not immediately rub your face with a towel. By doing this the face becomes lifeless.

Chemical creams and moisturizers

After bathing, you should not apply chemical creams and moisturizers on the skin. Applying these things spoils the face.

Full Body Moisturizer

You not only have to moisturize your face, but you have to moisturize your entire body so that the body remains moisturized.


If you are taking a shower then you should not take bath for longer than that. Staying in water can cause the skin to become lifeless.

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