Premature delivery symptoms: During pregnancy, women have to take special care of their health. A small mistake in Ace can make you a victim of premature delivery. Let us know which 4 things you should avoid doing.

Premature delivery reasons: Women have to take special care during pregnancy. In such a situation, themselves, they also have to keep the baby safe in the womb. Nowadays cases of premature delivery are increasing. In this type of delivery many times the baby remains ill. In such a situation, you should remain a little alert during pregnancy. If you want a normal delivery, then you should avoid doing some work during pregnancy. You should take great care of oral hygiene at this time. Apart from this, you may also have problems due to heavy exercise. You should also take care of the nipples at this time. At the same time massaging the feet can also harm you. Let's know.

Take care of oral hygiene

You must be feeling very strange to hear this, but oral hygiene has a direct relation to premature delivery. If you do not maintain oral hygiene, then such hormones will be released from your body, which can become the reason for premature delivery. In such a situation, if you are troubled by bleeding gums, cavities, swelling, or mouth ulcers, then keep these things in mind.

Massaging the feet will cause harm

Massaging the feet during pregnancy will give you a lot of relief. Many experts also recommend foot massages to pregnant women, but some studies have revealed that foot massages should not be done during pregnancy. By doing this the uterus can shrink. Massaging the feet puts pressure on them, due to which there is a possibility of premature delivery.

Heavy exercise

Exercising is recommended during pregnancy. This keeps your body fit. By doing this, the risk of gestational diabetes ie gestational diabetes also reduces. If you do heavy exercise then there can be pressure on the stomach. This increases the risk of premature delivery and the baby is also affected.

Do not stimulate nipples

There are many changes in the body during pregnancy. Some things happen for the first time. In such a situation, women also have itching on their nipples. It has been told in researched that if women scratch their nipples during this time, then a hormone called oxytocin is produced in their body. Due to this premature delivery can happen.

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