How To Prevent Cholesterol And Heart Attack In Winters: Every year crores of people across the world including India lose their lives due to heart attacks. The biggest reason for heart attack is the bad cholesterol deposited in the veins, due to this blockage occurs in the blood vessels, then the blood has to work harder to reach the heart, in such a situation the situation becomes dangerous. You must have often noticed that people suffer more heart attacks during the winter season, let us know why this situation occurs in winter.

Complaint of chest pain

The coronary arteries in our body are made of smooth muscles, through which the heart gets energy and oxygen, but in the winter season, the supply of both these things is adversely affected, because cholesterol increases in the veins, which causes chest pain. Angina) and the risk of heart attack arises.

Veins shrink:

In the winter season, blood vessels start shrinking, due to which there are difficulties in blood reaching all parts of the body, in such a situation the problem of high blood pressure can arise. Generally, elderly people are at higher risk of heart disease in this season.

Less light is also a big reason.

We all know that in winter the days are shorter and the nights are longer. Due to this, hormonal imbalance starts occurring in the body. In such a situation, cortisol is released less, and cholesterol increases, thus the risk of coronary disease increases.

Less physical activities:

In the winter season, we either eat the same food as before or increase the quantity a little, but due to staying indoors for a long time, our physical activities reduce in winter, due to which bad cholesterol increases. And fear of heart attack may arise.

How to avoid a heart attack in winter?

During the winter season, first of all, keep yourself safe from cold, for this you should wear several layers of warm clothes while going out. If body temperature is maintained, the heart will not have to pump much, which will reduce the risk of heart attack. Apart from this, eat in limited quantities and do proper exercise, this will not increase cholesterol which is a major cause of diseases.

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