Irritability often comes due to sweating due to high heat. In such a situation, you can make some changes in your diet, due to which your mood can remain fresh throughout the day.

Often when the mood is bad, because of this one does not even feel like eating anything. A bad mood can be a sign that there is a deficiency of an element called Serotonin in your body. It is a type of neurotransmitter. Due to this, the mood swings stop. To avoid a deficiency of Serotonin in the body, you have to take care that the amino acid Tryptophan is included in the food items in your diet. For this reason, the production of Serotonin increases and helps in keeping the mood stable.

You can make these changes in your diet
You can include bananas in your diet. Research has found that TryptoPhan is present in good quantity in bananas. For this reason, eating bananas also keeps the mood good. Also, sleep comes better. Apart from this, you can include almonds in your diet. Folate and magnesium are found in abundance in almonds. Magnesium also helps in increasing the production of Serotonin.

Apart from this, a protein named Tryptophan and Bromelain is included in Pineapple. Antiinflammatory properties are involved in this protein. At the same time, consuming soy products can also prevent mood swings because Tryptophan is also included in good quantity in it. This news is based on media reports. Before taking any decision, do consult a doctor.