To keep the heart fit, you also have to pay attention to your sleep. Because it is believed that what time you are sleeping also affects your heart health.

Due to poor diet and lifestyle, the problem of heart attack is increasing in the country. Do you know that to keep the heart fit, apart from nutritious food and sleep, it is also necessary to take good sleep (Right Bedtime For Heart Health). Due to lack of sleep, apart from heart-related diseases, obesity and type-2 diabetes start to surround you. In such a situation, it is very important to know what is the right time to sleep to keep the heart fit.

The right time to sleep for healthy heart:

According to the report, it is very important to take good sleep to keep the heart fit. It is believed that you should sleep between 10 pm and 11 pm. This is the right time to sleep to keep the heart safe. In one research, more than 88,000 people between the ages of 43 and 79 were included. During this, these people were collected at the time of sleeping and at the time of waking up. Apart from this, they were evaluated based on their lifestyle. This claim has been made on this basis.

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