Excessive consumption of sugar is considered harmful to health in many ways, it not only increases the risk of increasing blood sugar levels but can also lead to weight gain, metabolic health, and heart diseases. This is why health experts advise all people to consume sugar in minimum quantity to keep the body healthy. If you leave sugar completely, it is considered best for maintaining good health.

Health experts say, if you too have a habit of eating sweets and are not able to give up sweets even after many attempts, then you need to look towards healthy alternatives to sugar. Eating jaggery can be most beneficial for you. In many studies, experts found that jaggery not only gives you a sweet taste but can also have many health benefits.

Let us know about the benefits of including jaggery instead of sugar in the diet.

Benefits of eating jaggery
Researchers have found that eating jaggery instead of sugar can be a good alternative, you can get many health benefits from it. According to a study conducted in 2015, jaggery is a more nutritious option than refined white sugar. By consuming jaggery, things like protein and potassium can also be supplied to the body, which our body needs. Apart from this, it is also considered a good option for diabetes patients.

Can diabetic patients eat jaggery?
Whether jaggery should be eaten in diabetes or not has been a topic of discussion for a long time. Health experts say that consumption of jaggery is better than sugar, in the case of diabetes it can be consumed in small quantities. It does not have side effects like sugar, and it is also helpful in maintaining digestion and immunity, which has always been a big problem for diabetic patients.

Although the glycemic index of jaggery is high (84), consuming it in excess can have many side effects on health.

Helps in better digestion
Eating jaggery can be beneficial for your digestive health in many ways. Ayurveda experts say it helps in digestion and can also promote bowel movements. It is also known as a good option to prevent constipation. In Indian food tradition, everyone is advised to eat a small amount of jaggery after meals to promote digestion.

Its benefits also in the prevention of anemia
Anemia is a serious health problem. In India, its risk is seen to be higher among women. Some studies show that eating jaggery can help protect you from the risk of anemia. Jaggery contains about 11 mg of iron per 100 grams, however always keep in mind that too much quantity of jaggery should not be consumed.

Along with iron, eating jaggery helps supply many other nutrients to the body, hence it can be considered a better option for health.

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