In today's run-of-the-mill life, due to the paucity of time, people prefer to eat fresh food after keeping it or reheating it. On the other hand, some people cook food and keep it in the fridge and eat it after heating it. But doing so can be harmful to you. Yes, reheating some things and eating them becomes like poison. By the way, you should always eat fresh food. But still, some things should not be consumed after reheating them. Let us tell you here which things should not be reheated and eaten.

Do not eat these things after reheating-

Potato is mostly used in every vegetable. But do you know that potatoes should never be reheated and eaten? This is because when potatoes are reheated and eaten, bacteria start growing in them, which can harm your health. That's why potatoes should never be reheated and eaten.

The egg should not be reheated and eaten even by mistake. This is because the amount of nitrogen in the egg is high, which starts producing nitrogen when heated. Let us tell you that if you reheat the egg and eat it, then you may be at risk of cancer.

Rice is eaten in every household. But if you have a habit of eating stale rice mixed with lentils, then stop eating it today itself. This is because there is a risk of food poisoning by eating rice after heating it.

On reheating the chicken, its protein gets destroyed and it starts taking a poisonous form. That's why don't reheat chicken and eat it