To reduce the increasing weight, we put full emphasis many times, which includes heavy workouts and a strict diet, which helps in reducing belly and waist fat. Many people hide the shape of the stomach by wearing special belts, but the face is such a thing that it becomes visible to everyone. In such a situation, if you have a double chin or fat on the face, then it has a very bad effect on the beauty of the face. What can be done in such a situation?

You do not need to spend thousands and lakhs to remove facial fat and double chin, for this you can do home remedies. You will be surprised to know that this problem can be overcome through Facial Yoga. Let's look at those 3 measures.

Balloon Pose: You must be doing this type of pose to rinse your mouth in your daily life. For this, fill the air in your mouth as much as possible. Then, keeping the filled air inside, rotate the mouth right-left. If you do this 5 to 7 times a day, not only will you get rid of a double chin, but the jaw bones will also become strong.

There are many other ways to do Facial Yoga. The purpose of all these is to increase the movement of the face. Due to these facial activities increase and gradually you start getting desired results.

Fish Pose: In this type of yoga, pull your cheeks inwards and make a fish-like shape. In childhood, you must have made such a face while playing, the same can be useful for you today. Such yoga not only removes extra fat from the face but also tightens the muscles and wrinkles can also be removed.

Lion Pose: In this pose, take out your tongue with full force and move the tongue right and left by filling the air in the mouth, by doing this your facial skin will tighten and extra fat will also be removed.